Amsterdam has one of the world’s most popular red light districts in its city center, named “De Wallen.” Originally a bustling part of the city that serviced Dutch and foreign sailors, De Wallen has remained a major attraction in the city.  The term “red light district” originated from the red lights scantily-clad women standing behind windows would use to attract clients. This tradition has remained, and in the narrow streets of De Wallen these women can be found ready to be approached to begin negotiations with passersby.

Amsterdam women are sexy.

The De Wallen red light district attracts millions of tourists each year given its very unique liberal atmosphere. Besides brothels and prominent windows behind which prostitutes advertise their services, the city is also known for its coffee shops that offer potent locally-grown marijuana. Another noticeable feature of De Wallen is the numerous sex shops.

At De Wallen prostitutes of all types and races — blondes, brunettes, Latinas, Asians, and Blacks — can be found. This red light district even has a small section with transsexuals. It is estimated that about 1,000 women work as prostitutes in the city of Amsterdam, and a large number of them work behind windows. Just as those who engage in other professions, prostitutes must report their income and pay taxes, and even have a labor union. They are regularly tested for STDs and generally require condoms for sex. The majority of the customers at De Wallen are tourists.

Given the prostitutes’ focus on maximizing their earnings throughout the day, many of them operate with machine-like efficiency. They are very conscious of the time, which is one of the factors to be negotiated with clients before they begin their service. Generally speaking, the more time and variety are wanted by the customer, the greater is the amount that will be charged. It is generally recommended to negotiate everything beforehand. The prostitutes in this red light district are exceptionally good-looking, though the service may vary depending on the lady. Customers may want to have a little chat beforehand and observe body language before entering a room.

Here is an uncensored view of Amsterdam for those planning to visit the city. Amsterdam is perhaps the world’s most famous red light district, though it’s certainly not the only one in the Netherlands. This video currently has over 2.5 million views.